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Le serment des frères de l'espace
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: A8
Standard size

End Cel
Original Unmatching Background

Added 12/10/2007
Updated 7/7/2017
-Episode 02
-Background not from UFO Robot Grendizer serie but comes from Getter robot G.... ゲッターロボG
(episode 34, first diffusion february 1976)
-Very important, determining and decisive scene for the future of the serie: at this moment of the story Daisuke Umon/Duke Fleed (Actarus Procyon/ le prince d'Euphor) accepts help of Koji Kabuto (Alcor) for fighting Vega forces...Daisuke will be not alone anymore after this handshake!
-Picture used in the japanese Roman album (page 11) and the french magazine "Animeland" hors-série n°1 october 1997 (page 62)

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